10th Annual Agile Day in New York City

14th November 2019

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Graphic Recording during Agile Days

Graphic Recording during Agile Days


We started the agile movement back in 2007 in New York and organized our first Agile Day in 2009. We are so proud to celebrate the 10th Anniversary and want to invite you learn, connect and celebrate.

14 November 2019

New York City
AMA Times Square

We always experiment with interesting concepts at Agile NYC. Beside the regular workshops and talks, we conducted Open Space since our very first Agile Day. We have had Panels Discussions, Sketchnotes, Learning with Lego , Pecha Kucha, Dueling Vendors and even learned how to juggle using an agile process.

Agile Juggling.png

Speakers include Melissa Perri, JJ Sutherland, Kevin Callaghan, Craeg Strong, Richard Kasperowski & many more.

agile day directions.png

Agile NYC provided orientation for many New Yorkers and visitors during good and challenging economic times. We even have a few start-up companies in New York City that might not have existed without our user community.