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+++ Registration opens at 8.15am. Come early, grab breakfast and join the lean coffee (facilitated by Jay) or liberating structure exercise (facilitated by Sweta) when you arrive. +++

Melissa Perri Keynote: The Build Trap

9.15am - 10.15am

Melissa is thrilled to have traveled to conferences around the world to deliver talks on the dynamic topics of Product Management, UX, Agile, and Lean. As a keynote speaker, she balances inspiration with information, provides both theory and practical takeaways for each group she meets. Her goal is that her talks feel more like performances for the audience, blending lots of know-how and experience with a little bit of humor (see: cat memes). Listen here to a recent podcast with Melissa Perri on

“Fantastic session - I have no history with product development but Melissa’s session gave hilarious insight into the correlation between customer needs, product design and development”


Reading the Undercurrents of Team Interactions

10.30am (90 Minute Workshop)

Are you involved with teams? Want to be able to shape team dynamics toward more productive outcomes? Come dive below the surface of personalities and words to discover the perspectives and preferences that shape them.
We’ll learn together and from each other through facilitated hands-on experiences. You will be able to apply what you learn immediately and directly to improving the quality of interactions.

Learning Objectives:
1. Ideas for productively harnessing the inevitable conflict of teams and how our preferred approaches to situations drives our, and others', behavior.
2. Strategies for working with preferences other than our own and how to effectively and smoothly moving a group decision through all necessary stages to reach consensus.
3. Working introduction to two robust and validated models of human behavior: Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model and Kantor’s Four Player Model.


Different Kanban board design can drive different behaviors

10.30am (90 Minute Workshop)

This two-part interactive workshop begins with a detailed look at how to interpret Kanban boards and ask thoughtful questions so that you can improve the work of your teams. We will provide an overview of the Kanban Method and then proceed through a series of several short exercises that will give you an opportunity to review and interpret various Kanban board configurations with other attendees at your table.

Part two of the session now puts the attendees in the driver’s seat to create their own board configurations. We provide several business scenario exercises and ask the attendees how they would go about configuring their Kanban board given the unique system constraints for each scenario.

Come join us for a fun and interactive workshop where you get to explore Kanban designs in various contexts!

Open Space

1pm (Marketplace, 18+ Break Out Sessions) - Faciliator Richard Kasperowski

We are excited to have Richard facilitate our Open Space event which is something the Agile NYC community has been enjoying since our very first Agile Day back in 2009. We will have at least 18 interactive sessions and if you are new to Open Space this is truly one of the highlights of this conference. If you like to warm-up to the idea of open space, grab a free poster here.


Case-studies of note from The Scrum Fieldbook - A Master Class on Accelerating Performance, Getting Results


Based on years of work in the field with scores of companies including Bosch, 3M, Schlumberger, and Saab, The Scrum Fieldbook delivers a hands-on, practical approach for successfully implementing the Scrum framework in any domain. Listen here to a recent podcast episode with JJ on

In The Scrum Fieldbook, JJ draws on his firm’s extensive experience to take leaders, managers, and employees deeper into the specific challenges and new opportunities of an Agile world. He shows how the Scrum framework can be successfully applied to any situation, in any industry, from automobile manufacturers in the US and Europe to nonprofits in Africa, from home renovation contractors in Minnesota to gas exploration companies in South America, from building fighter planes in Sweden to accelerating US Navy special forces teams in regions of the world we can’t mention.

10th Annual Day Reception


Celebration of 10th Anniversary and reception supported by Roxi. Roxi is an on-demand platform connecting private party hosts and event planners to bartenders, servers, clean-up workers, DJs and prep-cooks. Roxi gives you access to local talent who can make your parties great and free up your time. Roxi allows you to communicate with talent and pay them directly though the app. Enjoy yourself.

Roxi is our proud sponsor of the 10th Annual Agile Day Reception.

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Agile Transformation Panel

4pm - 5pm

Wilfredo Pena will moderate our closing panel discussion in which he will challenge a conversation from a mix of questions created by the audience. We will start filling the backlog with items during our liberating structure exercise and the lean coffee which takes place during breakfast and continue throughout the day. Here are our 3 panelists:


Adam Kantrowitz is currently a Director at Bank of America, where he is the Americas Head of Equity Derivatives Technology and Co-Head of Equities Risk & PL Technology. He has 20 years of experience building solutions within Capital Markets across Trading, Sales, Risk Management, and Finance. He has a passion for growing and leading teams, with a focus on driving change and continuous improvement.   

Tammy Bailie Head Shot.jpeg

Tammy Bailie lives to help people work better together! Her life as an agilist began in 2008. She is an experienced Scrum Master, agile practitioner, and coach. She helped guide a variety of organizations evolve their agile practices and mindset. Today, she is living the start-up live at CentralReach, helping teams deliver superior outcomes to their customers.


Matthieu Cornillon leads the Agile practice at Amplify, a Brooklyn-based education technology company partnering with teachers to help them do their nearly impossible and utterly essential jobs, by extending their reach, saving them time, and enhancing their understanding of each student.


Wilfredo Pena (Panel Moderator) is an adjunct professor at Pace University’s Seidenberg School of Computer Science & Information Systems where he teaches Web Design for Non Profit and enjoys providing the University as a platform for disruptive conversation. 

He is currently set up in Washington Heights working at Peligro Sports helping to deploy new technologies and solutions that will raise their profile and position them as an institution of the community. Wilfredo has been involved with AGILE NYC for 9 years.